The company was founded by Orlando Germek and sons on February 9, 1982, under the name Germek Irrigação. Initially, its performance was totally focused on the agricultural market, in which it designed, installed and provided maintenance on an irrigation system.

Germek Equipment - 90s

The 90's

From 1992 onwards, the so-called Germek Equipamentos it installed in its own headquarters and began its phase of technology development for equipment for industrial application, such as the first generator sets and firefighting motor pumps, in which it found its vocation due to its technical competence and willingness to overcome challenges.

Germek Equipment - 90s.


Consolidated a great evolutionary process in this period, the Germek Equipamentos continues to design, manufacture and increasingly improve its equipment, standing out for always meeting the requirements of its customers. Also in this period, it began to expand the diversity of its line of equipment for industrial and agricultural use.

Following this upward trajectory, on June 21, 2007, the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) conferred certification on Germek Equipamentos. ISO 9001 .

Today the company is a reference in supplying motor pump sets in the most diverse segments of technology, in industry and agriculture.

Germek Equipment - 2000s