UL/FM Fire Fighting Motor Pump

UL/FM Fire Fighting Motor Pump
Motobomba de Combate a Incêndio UL/FM

THE Germek Equipment always seeking to meet the demands and needs of its customers, has developed a partnership with the company Patterson Pumps, and since 2009 has been representing the same in Brazil, so we have a technical sales team trained and prepared to specify and quote the products available, all with FM Certification and UL Listed.

Patterson Pumps is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of firefighting pumps, known worldwide for the robustness and quality of its products, based in Taccoa, Georgia in the United States, with a subsidiary in Westmeath, Ireland.

We have a technical team specialized in our after-sales services that can provide you with start-up and commissioning services, as well as training in the operation and preventive maintenance of this equipment.

To meet the needs of firefighting projects, we have a complete range of products as shown below

In Line Vertical Firefighting Engine

This product model has been designed with annular pressure reducing gaps and impeller balancing holes to reduce axial thrust, making it flexible and versatile for the hydraulic assemblies required within a firefighting pump room.

This product model is still available in the equipment version with electric motorization.

This product model has a flow range of 50GPM (11.3m³/h) to 1250GPM (283.9m³/h) and pressures from 40PSI to 210PSI.

Horizontal Split Fire Pumps

Axial Split Pumps are the most widely used for firefighting applications, as not only are they highly efficient, but their split design allows all maintenance work to be carried out without disturbing the piping.

This product model has a flow range of 150GPM (34m³/h) to 5000GPM (1,136.00m³/h) and pressures from 40PSI to 565PSI.

Vertical Turbine Pumps for Fire Fighting

Turbine-type Vertical Pumps are the most recommended when the application does not allow the pump to be drowned due to its reservoir, so this product model allows it to be drowned ready for operation. This product model can be produced in different materials, allowing it to be used with different types of fluids, such as salt water.

This product model has a flow range of 500GPM (113.6m³/h) to 5000GPM (1,136.00m³/h) and pressures from 55PSI to 368PSI.

End Suction Pumps for Firefighting

The Radial Centrifugal Pumps for firefighting are versatile and flexible, offering the best cost-benefit ratio in the ranges available. This product is designed to be dismantled via the back cover, making it possible to remove the rotating element without disturbing the suction and discharge pipes.

This product model has a flow range of 150GPM (34m³/h) to 750GPM (170m³/h) and pressures from 50PSI to 209PSI.