Equipment sized appropriately for your application, according to the specific demands of your project. They can be configured on a steel base or with a fairing, as well as having a series of accessories that stand out on the market and provide greater robustness, efficiency and functionality. Read more >>>

Known as the most robust in its category, it is also one of the best-selling products and is well accepted by the main sugar and ethanol groups in the country and abroad. They are used for irrigation, spraying vinasse as the main fluid or raw water and most of them use reels (self-propelled) or pivots to spread it. Read more >>>

The most robust equipment on the market, manufactured by Germek, is also available for hire. Read more >>>

is a system that communicates via radio between the motor pump and other equipment, which can be a pivot or an irrigation reel. When installed in a pivot system, it controls the rotation of the motor according to the topography of the land. Read more >>>

This product line was developed to serve those producers whose water catchment would have a large variation in gradient, with its main function being to accompany this variation. It can be used as the main pump as required. Read more >>>