With Germek’s Maintenance Programs, your equipment receives the care it deserves, avoiding the cost of downtime and emergency repairs. Germek’s Maintenance Programs have been specially developed to meet the needs of our customers in various areas of industry, retail and agribusiness. Learn more >>>

Preventive maintenance carried out properly is essential to maintain the highest availability, reliability and performance of your equipment. Each application requires specific care and for this we define maintenance intervals according to the requirements of each segment, environment and operating regime. Learn more >>>

Germek takes care of the repair of your equipment, guaranteeing factory quality. We have a complete structure: state-of-the-art equipment, specialized professionals and a stock of original parts to repair or customize your equipment. Focus on your core business and leave the maintenance of your equipment to those who know best. Learn more >>>

Germek carries out performance analysis through rigorous tests on your equipment, in company or in the factory. The results of these tests are recorded in reports and technical reports issued in accordance with current standards such as NFPA20, NFPA25, NBR-10.897, IT of the Fire Department and others. Read more >>>

Our training courses are carefully designed to teach users of fire-fighting systems, generator sets and agricultural motor pumps how to use them correctly and safely. Incidents often occur due to faulty operation and a lack of basic knowledge. Read more >>>

The “Start Up” concept of the equipment manufactured by Germek corresponds to the first start-up of the equipment on the customer’s premises. It is the integrated application of a set of techniques and procedures to verify the location of installations, functional and alarm tests of equipment and its components. Read more >>>

Machine retrofitting is the procedure of refurbishing and modernizing a particular piece of equipment. It is usually done as an alternative to buying new equipment, which is expensive and requires high investment, training and possible adaptations to structures and facilities. Read more >>>

The Germek Diagnosis service is a tool to help customers identify and solve problems. We have a specialized team to help our customers make the correct diagnosis and propose effective solutions to what is actually compromising the perfect functioning of the equipment. Learn more >>>

By using genuine parts, you can guarantee the origin and quality of the products. This ensures perfect synchronization and reliability with all the other components of your equipment, guaranteeing originality and the best results. Learn more >>>

Ask any questions you may have or send us your service and warranty requests by calling (19) 3682-7072, our exclusive service channel.