Glycerine pressure gauge 100mm Model 10HF – Asta

Glycerine pressure gauge 100mm Model 10HF - Asta
Manômetro com glicerina 100mm Modelo 10HF - Asta
Manômetro com glicerina 100mm Modelo 10HF - Asta

Product description

Glycerine pressure gauge – 100mm – Asta

Model 10HF – 1/4″ BSP type thread

Robustly constructed pressure gauge with reinforced mechanism and adjustment features. With the watertight case, it can be filled with damping liquid (glycerine or silicone).
They are particularly suited to installations subject to vibrations or line pulsations when filled with glycerine (standard for fire-fighting systems under NFPA-20).
Used to visualize the discharge pressure of centrifugal pumps. It must be installed on the pump’s discharge flange (diesel and electric motor pumps).
Assembled as a kit with damper and siphon tube on the pump’s discharge flange.
The scales of this model range from 0 to 10Kgf/cm² to 0 to 50Kgf/cm² depending on the project’s discharge pressure.


  • Housing: watertight, in stamped sheet steel, black epoxy paint, stainless steel or cast aluminum (for Ø200, 250 and 300 mm).
  • Rim: bayonet hitch, black epoxy paint, chrome, stainless steel or aluminum rim.
  • Safety Valve: located at the top of the housing, or at the rear of the angled housing.
  • Flange: front or rear.
  • Dial: aluminum, white background and black engraving.
  • Pointer: aluminum, balanced without adjustment.
  • Display: 2 and 3mm flat glass.
  • Sensor element: Tomback “C” Bourdon tube, stainless steel helical type above 100 Kgf/cm² and for pressure gauges ø50 and 60mm, above 400 Kgf/cm² stainless steel.
  • Mechanism: reinforced brass or stainless steel with adjustment.
  • Connection: bottom or rear eccentric with 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ NPT or BSP thread and rear concentric for ø 50 and 60mm.
  • Socket: brass, 7/8″ square section for socket wrench fitting and 9/16″ square section for ø 50 and 60mm.
  • Accuracy: class B = 3 / 2 / 3 % of full scale.

Model: 10 HF = Ø 100mm
Pressure range: vacuum up to 1000 kgf/cm²

Additional information

Nominal Diameter of Pressure Gauge (Size) 100mm
Pressure Scale 0~10 Kgf/cm², 0~15 Kgf/cm², 0~20 Kgf/cm², 0~50 Kgf/cm²
Thread 1/4″
Thread type BSP
Installation Vertical only
Manufacturer Asta
UL Listed No
FM Approved No

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