Drop Pump

Drop Pump (Emergency Motor Pumps)

Germek is a Brazilian company with 40 years’ experience in the equipment market. We have an R&D team dedicated to developing solutions for our customers and we are proud to launch differentiated, high-tech products such as the new Drop Pump range.

Drop Pumps (Emergency Motor Pumps) were initially developed for customers who already have conventional Fire Fighting systems with a high capacity for storing flammable products or with a high risk of explosion, such as Port Terminals which normally serve as distribution points for fuels, chemical products, sugar, grains and others. This type of installation has a fire-fighting system, but with an operating autonomy of 2 hours, usually limited by the water reserve available for fire-fighting. Drop Pumps allow customers to use water from the sea or rivers, and are easily mobile, allowing them to be collected from a pier, drainage channels or marshes, thus providing high flexibility and making the use of the fire-fighting system uninterrupted.

Drop Pumps are designed to meet the technical characteristics required by the Fire Fighting Project approved by the Fire Department and the client’s insurers. In addition, accessories can be provided to optimize the use of the equipment, such as a Monitor Cannon. Drop Pumps can also be used on FIFI (Fire Fighting) type support vessels or on Oil Platforms or Refineries, replacing the use of Vertical Motor Pumps which suffer from tidal variations, giving the customer high maintenance costs and also the inoperability of the equipment during this period.

Germek also offers our customers various lines of credit to facilitate their investments, contact our sales team.