Pump House Skids

Fire pumps, piping, valves and automation mounted on All In One platforms
Casa de Bomba montada em plataforma Skid - Germek

A fire-fighting pumping solution in a single product.

As a result, this equipment summarizes in a single assembly all the components present in a pump room for the hydrant and sprinkler system, ready to connect to the pipes on site.Germek Equipamentos designs, manufactures, markets and installs fire pump sets on integrated platforms, popularly known as “Skid”. The aim of this “skid” assembly is to eliminate the complexity of assembling correctly dimensioned piping that meets the inspection requirements of the fire department and the main insurance companies, as well as reducing assembly costs, installation time and site clearance and, finally, speeding up the installation and start-up of the fire pumping system.

UL/FM certification

We supply UL/FM certified pumping systems

The assembly of fire pumps on a skid platform comprises the fire pumping system in a single piece of equipment with a unique guarantee, fully complying with the main requirements of the safety standards for Fire Fighting and Prevention in force in Brazil: NBR 10.897 (Sprinkler), NBR 13.714 (Hydrants) and NFPA-20 (Fire Pumps).

In addition, depending on the design needs and requirements of your insurance company, we also offer the option of UL/FM certified fire pumping systems, which are imported assemblies manufactured by Patterson Pumps in the USA and Ireland, UL Listed by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and FM Approved by FM Approvals.

Assembly composition

Customized fire pumping systems

They are part of the “Skid” montage:

  • Suction system;
  • The booster system, which includes the fire pumps, usually one electric and one diesel (main and backup);
  • Pressurizing pump (jockey pump);
  • Test and bypass system for the reservoir;
  • Automatic pump reading and control system;
  • All valves and instruments properly positioned and installed with the integration of the pump control panels.

Consider these items before deciding

One of the main advantages of mounting the fire pumps of the hydrant and sprinkler line on a skid platform is the uniform composition of the fire pumping system.

It is worth remembering that the entire system must be configured in accordance with the flow and pressure data in the fire-fighting project, as well as the standards and certifications required by the fire department and the insurance company for the approval of the work. The set can be configured for either indoor mounting (indoors with appropriate cooling) or outdoor mounting (on a platform with a roof).

This type of assembly REDUCES COSTS and SHORTENS THE TOTAL TIME TO ASSEMBLE the fire system.

See other advantages

  • Reduced labor costs in assembly and installation;
  • Correct assembly and dimensioned according to flow and design pressure;
  • Meets the requirements of NR-10, NR-12, NBR 10.897, NBR 13.714 and NFPA-20;
  • Automation, electrical installation and factory-ready interconnections;
  • Considerable reduction in system installation and assembly time;
  • It meets the inspection requirements of the fire department and the main insurance companies;
  • Ready to connect to the suction inlet, hydrant outlet and reservoir return pipes;
  • Space-saving and compact assembly;
  • Optimized layout for reading the instruments and maneuvering the valves, favoring system operations;
  • Unique product with unique guarantee.