Germek Maintenance Program (PMG)

PMG | Reliability equals availability!

Breakdowns and unexpected repairs cost time and money. With Germek’s Maintenance Programs, your equipment receives the care it deserves, avoiding the cost of downtime and emergency repairs. This deserves planning. With more than 37 years of experience producing machinery and equipment, we present our newest service solution, “PMG’s“. Germek’s Maintenance Programs have been specially developed to meet the needs of our customers in various areas of industry, retail and agribusiness. With “PMG’s“, you know the schedule and the necessary repairs in advance. With regular visits to your plant, we check hundreds of critical items and carry out scheduled maintenance, avoiding the high cost of unexpected downtime and maximizing the availability and performance of your equipment.

The maintenance of your equipment is scheduled according to the particularities of each application, environment, operating regime, useful life and exposed environment. The “PMG’s” include a package of exclusive services, as well as being adapted to the needs of each client.

Focus on your business and leave the maintenance of your equipment to Germek! With Germek Maintenance Programs, your system is better protected and you are dedicated to your core operation.

Avoid unforeseen breakdowns and high emergency maintenance costs, not to mention the risks of downtime at critical moments. Always look for the best option, ensure your equipment is available for longer and at the best cost.

PMG - Programas de Manutenção Germek

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