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Privacy policy

Germek Equipment Ltd. (

Germek Equipamentos Ltda., a legal entity, registered with CNPJ No. 48.613.327/0001-65, with administrative headquarters located at Av. Brasil, 1001 – Bela Vista – São José do Rio Pardo – SP – Brazil CEP 13.720-000, establishes below the Privacy Policy of the SITE “” in order to clarify the rights, obligations and responsibilities of its Users.

1. general information

1.1. Germek Equipamentos Ltda. is committed to data protection, and this Privacy Policy is primarily intended to provide information on how Germek Equipamentos Ltda. processes personal data, the legal bases used for the processing and its purpose. This privacy statement also has the function of exemplifying and clarifying various rights that you (personal data subject) have in relation to the processing of personal data mentioned here in this Privacy Policy.

1.2. Germek Equipamentos Ltda. provides users in general with the website

1.3. Users do not need to identify themselves in order to browse and use the WEBSITE in general. However, to enable the provision of some services through the SITE, such as access to the “Contact Us”, “Work with Us” and “Warranty” areas, it is necessary for the User to provide Germek Equipamentos Ltda. with some data.

1.4. All information collected will be stored in the Germek Equipamentos Ltda. database. which has security systems compatible with Brazilian and international market standards.

1.5. For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, words and capitalized terms that are not specified herein shall have the definitions established in the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) – Law 13.79/2018.

2. How we process your personal data and the purpose for which we process it

2.1. As stated in clause 1.3. Under the terms of Article 4 of this Policy, the use of the WEBSITE does not require users to register, however, in order to use some of its features, it is necessary to process some personal data. Therefore, in order to guarantee the transparency of the data processing carried out on our WEBSITE, please find below the data used in each of these cases:

a) Contact us: The Contact page of Germek Equipamentos Ltda. is available via a web form (
), e-mail and telephone. In order to use the service, the user must provide some personal data for identification (name, e-mail address, telephone number). The purpose of this information is to identify you and to enable Germek Equipamentos Ltda. will contact you with your request. This data is stored for a period of 5 years in our e-mail database. The data provided by customers will also be processed to send information and respond to requests, and it is also possible to send occasional promotions and invitations to events.

b) Contact Us/Work with Us: The SITE has a specific page called “Work with Us”, which provides a web form (, full name, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth and a field for sending a CV in PDF or DOC format, and directs this data to RA Consultores’ (a company hired for selection and recruitment) talent pool and candidate consultation. In order to use the form and send the data, the candidate must provide some personal data for identification (full name, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth and CV in PDF or DOC format, which contains the candidate’s data and information as previously edited by the candidate), as well as information related to professional and academic training. The purpose of this information is to identify you, check that you are suitable for the vacancies on offer, and to enable Germek Equipamentos Ltda. will contact you with your request.

3. The legal bases used

3.1. The legal bases for processing personal data applied by Germek Equipamentos Ltda. are as follows:

Treatment hypothesis

Legal basis

Treatment described in clause 2.1, point “a”.

a) By providing the data subject’s consent, in accordance with Article 7(I) of the LGPD;

b) Whenever there is no legal prohibition, the Legitimate Interest of the Controller or third parties may justify the processing of personal data, as provided for in article 7, item IX, of the LGPD.

Treatment described in clause 2.1, point “b”.

a) By providing the data subject’s consent, in accordance with Article 7(I) of the LGPD;

b) Whenever there is no legal prohibition, the Legitimate Interest of the Controller or third parties may justify the processing of personal data, as provided for in article 7, item IX, of the LGPD.

4. Data processors and the sharing of personal data

4.1. Personal data collected, stored or processed in any way as a result of using the website is controlled by Germek Equipamentos Ltda. Therefore, Germek Equipamentos Ltda. must be consulted by the Data Subject in order to exercise the rights provided for in the General Personal Data Protection Act (LGPD).

4.2. Personal data will be stored in security systems compatible with Brazilian and international market standards both in the security system of Germek Equipamentos Ltda and/or its advertising agency and/or its selection and recruitment agency. Personal data will not be commercialized, assigned or shared with third parties, with the exception of the advertising agency approved by Germek Equipamentos Ltda. and will be used, when not for the fulfillment of the legal and regulatory obligations of Germek Equipamentos Ltda, in the same ways described in item 2 of this Statement.

4.3. Personal Data will only be shared for the strict fulfillment of the purposes set out in clause 2 of this Privacy Policy. The main hypotheses for sharing data are:

a) With a public or delegated entity, to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation;

b) With operators, for the execution of contracting and satisfaction of an operational need for service or product, such as employees of Germek Equipamentos Ltda, independent contractors, subsidiaries, affiliates, consultants, service providers and suppliers, if the disclosure enables the entity to perform a business, professional or technical support function for Germek Equipamentos Ltda;

c) With Operators, to offer third party products or services related to the main activities of Germek Equipamentos Ltda;

5. Veracity of information

5.1. The User guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the information and data provided to Germek Equipamentos Ltda. assuming responsibility for any inaccuracies, and undertakes to keep them up to date. Germek Equipamentos Ltda. assumes no liability in the event of inaccurate data.

5.2. Germek Equipamentos Ltda. may, at its sole discretion, suspend and/or cancel the User’s registration at any time if it detects any inaccuracy in the information provided by the User, until the inaccuracy is remedied. This procedure aims to protect the User and optimize the purchasing process.

6. IP Address and Geolocation

6.1. Germek Equipamentos Ltda. identifies the IP (Internet Protocol) address of its users to increase their security, since, in the event of fraud, it will be able to provide the same to the police and judicial authorities, in accordance with the provisions of the Marco Civil da Internet. Approximate geolocation data will be collected from users so that Germek Equipamentos Ltda. can prepare specific commercial actions for certain regions, communicate with the public regionally to offer promotions, measure the capillarity of the digital platform for the most appropriate territorial coverage with its public, among other related actions.

7. Consumption Information

7.1. Consumer information, which is information related to purchases made by individuals, whether or not associated with personal data, will be used by Germek Equipamentos Ltda. offer your customers benefits that are more suited to their consumption habits, such as, but not limited to, products that interest them, offering new products, brands and features, optimized discounts, encouraging conscious consumption, etc.

8. Use of Cookies and other Technologies

8.1. The SITE, online services, e-mail messages and advertising material may use “cookies” and other technologies such as pixel tags, Google Analytics tools or IDs, Google Search Console and web beacons. These technologies help us to better understand user behavior, tell us which parts of our site people have visited and facilitate and measure the effectiveness of advertising and web searches. We treat information obtained through cookies and other technologies as non-personal information. However, to the extent that the IP (Internet Protocol) address or similar identifiers are considered personal information under local law, we will also treat these identifiers as personal information. Similarly, to the extent that non-personal information is combined with personal information, we treat the combined information as personal information for the purposes of this Privacy Statement. If you wish to block cookies, please consult your browser’s guidelines/settings.

8.2A Germek Equipamentos Ltda. also uses cookies and other technologies to remember personal information when you use the SITE and our online services. Our goal in these cases is to make your experience more convenient and personalized.

8.3. As with most websites, we obtain some information automatically and store it in log files. This information includes IP addresses, browser type and language, Internet Service Provider (ISP), referring and exit pages, operating system, date and time information and clickstream data. We use this information to understand and analyze trends, administer the site, learn about User behavior on the site and obtain demographic information about our user base in general. Germek Equipamentos Ltda. may use this information in our marketing and advertising services.

9. External links

9.1. On the SITE there may be links to other sites with their own content and Privacy Policy. Whenever this happens, this link will open in a new browser tab or window and the user will be informed.

10. Users' rights with regard to their personal data

10.1. Users have the right, upon request to the Data Protection Officer:

I. Confirmation of the existence of treatment;

II. Access to personal data;

III.Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;

IV.Anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or processed data that does not comply with the provisions of this Law;

V. Data portability to another service or product provider, upon express request, in accordance with ANPD regulations;

VI. Revocation of consent and consequent deletion of the personal data processed, except in the cases provided for in art. 16 of the LGPD;

VII. Information on public and private entities with which the controller has shared data;

VIII. Information on the possibility of not giving consent and the consequences of refusing;

10.2. Germek Equipamentos Ltda. reserves the right to maintain the processing of data if it has a legal basis for processing applicable to the specific case, such as, but not limited to, compliance with a legal obligation, performance of a contract, legitimate interest, etc.

11. Details of the personal data controller (DPO)

11.1. For matters relating to the processing of personal data, the interested party should contact the person in charge, according to the details below:

Ronaldo Evangelista

Telephone: +55 19 3682-7070 and use option 5 of the digital hold.

E-mail: [email protected]

12. Complaint to the national personal data protection authority - ANPD

12.1. The User may make complaints to the ANPD via the website

13. Responsibility

13.1. As there are no infallible or inviolable security systems, Germek Equipamentos Ltda. shall not be liable for any damage, loss or loss of user information caused by the conduct of third parties, or in cases of acts of God or force majeure beyond its control.

14. Changes to our Privacy Policy

14.1. Seeking continuous improvement, Germek Equipamentos Ltda. may change this Privacy Policy Statement at any time, and the changes will be posted on the SITE for consultation at any time.
By using the services of the WEBSITE, the User is aware of the terms of this Declaration in force on the date of use, and is responsible for checking it beforehand each time they visit the WEBSITE.

Hidromecânica Germek Ltda.

Germek Equipment Ltd.

Effective date: May 2022.