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In the industrial context, retrofitting machinery is the procedure of refurbishing and modernizing a particular piece of equipment. It is usually done as an alternative to buying new equipment, which is expensive and requires high investment, training and possible adaptations to structures and facilities.

This overhaul consists of the replacement of possible parts, the recovery and replacement of worn parts and a complete modernization of the electronic systems and controls (automation). In other words, it’s not simply a maintenance or refurbishment procedure, but a complete modernization that also complies with current standards such as NFPA-20, NBR 10.897 and IT’s from the Fire Department.

Advantages of Germek’s retrofit

Upgrading industrial machinery is the ideal solution for companies to maintain high productivity without having to invest heavily in capital goods. The financial return comes in the short and medium term and is one of the main motivators for retrofitting machinery and equipment.

Among the immediate benefits are the following:

  • Increased equipment life;
  • Upgrading complex systems to user-friendly and simple interfaces;
  • Compliance with current regulations;
  • Reduced downtime;
  • Reduced risks for employees;
  • Availability of drawings and diagrams with spare parts lists;
  • Facilitates equipment maintenance and supervision;
  • Low-cost investment compared to buying new machinery and equipment.

Equipment at the end of its useful life gains survival and is able to operate until the end of its life cycle with high efficiency and productivity.

What about the financial return? It’s faster than expected, compared to the high costs of partial maintenance. Another important point is that the basic characteristics of the equipment do not change; retrofitting ensures that the equipment is able to function and be more efficient for a long time.

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