Germek Maintenance Program (PMG) – Premium

PMG - Programas de Manutenção Germek

The most complete option for guaranteeing maximum availability, reliability, durability and extended service life for your equipment. Germek Premium gives customers peace of mind by reducing the cost of emergency maintenance and unexpected downtime.

This program includes a schedule of monthly visits and periodic reviews with extra checks of more than 320 items critical to the performance and availability of your equipment. It also includes performance consultancy services, in which we subject your equipment to performance tests in order to assess its performance. This assessment is carried out using specific data and a technical report is issued in accordance with the NFPA25 standard.

The supply of specialized labor is already included in the program for the contracted period, in addition to periodic visits, the customer also has an unlimited diagnostic service, using our customer support channel. Consumable and spare parts are offered separately and according to the particularities and needs of each application. We only use genuine parts, which guarantees greater durability and a guarantee of origin, generating significant savings compared to unforeseen interruptions.

The program also offers consultancy and training, in which our specialists will share technical knowledge specific to your equipment with users and operators. These trainings are held periodically with the aim of qualifying all those involved in the operation and maintenance of the system.

To calculate the value of Germek Premium, we take into account important variables such as the characteristics of your system, number of devices, location, application, operating regime, environment, regulatory requirements, insurance company requirements, customer requirements, useful life of the device and the technical capacity of the operator.

Payment is made by means of a monthly fee over the contracted period, which helps with cash flow control and significant savings on unexpected downtime. Rest easy with Germek Premuim and stay focused on your core business.

Advantages | Germek Premium

  • Prevention of breakdowns, avoiding substantial unexpected expenses.
  • Knowledge of maintenance costs over the contracted period.
  • Increased equipment availability.
  • Extra checks on more than 320 critical items of equipment.
  • Scheduled monthly visits.
  • Sharing know-how with the client.
  • Improved equipment performance, which saves on maintenance and energy.
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Knowledge of the company’s cash flow, plus uniform (monthly payment).
  • Efficient problem solving.
  • Guarantee for services, parts and labor.
  • Nationwide service.
  • Issuing technical reports in accordance with current regulations.
  • Have all your maintenance history to hand.
  • Services carried out by specialists.
  • Personalized emergency service.
  • Greater system reliability and peace of mind.
  • Company with over 39 years in the market.

You are better protected against unforeseen breakdowns, you speed up service, you guarantee greater availability of your equipment for longer and with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Even with the more comprehensive Germek Premium maintenance, our customers can make special requests through Germek Service Combos. Take advantage!

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