UL/FM Cla-Val Model 50B-4KG1 300 Pound Class Relief Valve

UL/FM Cla-Val Model 50B-4KG1 300 Pound Class Relief Valve
Válvula de Alívio classe 300 Libras UL/FM Cla-Val Modelo 50B-4KG1

Product description

Relief Valve – Class 300 Pounds – UL/FM – Cla-Val
Model 50B-4KG1
Available in Angle (90º) or Globe (horizontal) format.

Cla-Val’s model 50B-4KG1 Relief Valves (Globe/Angle) are specifically designed to automatically relieve excess pressure in fire protection pumping systems caused by diesel engine overspeed.
They are adjusted by a pilot who maintains a very small and constant system tolerance at the pump discharge.

Main features:
Relief valve for 300 PSI nominal pressure;
Quick opening to keep line pressure stable;
Supports a wide range of flow rates standardized by NFPA-20 (*see table 4.26a and the valve manufacturer’s technical specifications);
Adjustable pressure settings and unaffected by the pressure at the valve discharge;
UL Listed by Underwriters Laboratories of the USA and Canada (UL/ULC);
FM Approved by FM Approvals;

How it works:
If the diesel engine overspeeds, the relief valve opens instantly to prevent the pipes from collapsing.
When the excess pressure drops, the relief valve closes gently to prevent water hammer.

Additional information

Pressure Class 300Lbs/PSI
Nominal Diameter (Size) 2″ (50mm), 2 1/2″ (65mm), 3″ (80mm), 4″ (100mm), 6″ (150mm), 8″ (200mm), 10″ (250mm), 12″ (300mm)
Flange standard ANSI B16.5
Flange Face (RF/FF) FF (flat face), RF (raised face)
Manufacturer Cla-Val
Construction Format Angular, Globe (horizontal)
UL Listed Yes
Construction Format Yes