Trafo trailers

Trafo trailers
Carretas Trafo

The Trafo trailers developed by Germek Equipamentos are products that complement and make Irrigation/Fertirrigation with electrical equipment more flexible, as well as making it possible to reduce the cost of implementing this system because the Trafo becomes mobile together with the Motor Pump. These products are recommended for sugar and alcohol mills that need to irrigate and have a transport structure and trained technical staff for this type of management.

Germek has an engineering team dedicated to developing solutions that allow for greater safety in operation, a reduction in the costs involved in the irrigation process, robustness and durability, always providing our customers with reliability.

Product features:

  1. Trailers with 1 axle and two wheels or 2 axles and four 15 or 16 rim wheels, depending on the configuration of each piece of equipment, we have a mechanical braking system and we emphasize that we only use new tires in our assemblies.
  2. Auxiliary fairings for weather protection and accessibility, where all the doors have lockable latches that can only be opened with a key. We also have an auxiliary tray for environmental safety, which makes it possible to collect possible oil leaks without contaminating the ground.
  3. We can also provide an auxiliary trafo in the same unit to supply auxiliary sockets, facilitating possible maintenance and also supplying complementary loads in addition to the electric motor pump.
  4. We offer a complete range of standardized power ratings from 45KVA to 750KVA.

The models shown above are the most commonly used. We also have a technical team to develop and configure the equipment according to your project’s needs.

Our products are duly registered and eligible for the credit facilitation programs available on the market and also subsidized by the government.

Germek also makes it possible for our customers to finance their entire irrigation system, including the motor pump, piping, hydraulic connections and sprinkler agents, such as the reel (self-propelled).