Standard Electric Motor Pump

Standard Electric Motor Pump

Germek Equipamentos is presenting its range of electric motor pumps for fertigation applications, a robust and efficient solution.

Customers who have electrical infrastructure scattered throughout the sugarcane fields can take advantage of this solution, which enables sugar and ethanol mills to reduce irrigation costs. This comparison can be made taking into account the cost of motorboats, fuel and preventive + corrective maintenance used in each harvest. This product also has the disadvantage of requiring a trained operator to handle it properly.

Germek’s Standard Electric Motor Pumps are known as the most robust and safest in their category, complying with the standards and laws in force for this application, as well as being a product that has been consolidated as one of the best-selling and well-accepted by the main sugar and ethanol groups in the country and abroad.

This equipment is usually used for irrigation, spraying vinasse as the main fluid or even raw water, and most of them use carts (self-propelled) or pivots to disperse it.

Product features:

  1. The trailer has 2 axles and four 15 or 16 rim wheels, depending on the configuration. We have a pneumatic braking system and we emphasize that we only use new tires in our assemblies.
  2. High-capacity auxiliary winch for lifting, plus manually self-operated ratchet.
  3. Drainage system by means of a chamber, which can be supplied in the following materials: cast iron, stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316, depending on the characteristics of the fluid to be pumped.
  4. Auxiliary Environmental Safety Kit that provides the equipment with a reservoir for collecting leaks from the bearing gaskets.
  5. The roof provides protection against the elements, as well as the necessary protection for rotating or hot parts of the roof.
  6. High-performance internal and external LED lighting, providing low consumption and a longer service life for the system.
  7. The digital panel offers the operator an easy-to-use interface, and allows the choice of soft starter or frequency inverter drives to smooth motor start-up.
  8. Recalcification Parts & Accessories that offer various configurations such as a single outlet with a K20 connection that makes it possible to versatilize the loop in which the customer will mobilize his pipeline, or we can offer a Y with the two double curves offering the condition of operation of two simultaneous pipelines, remembering that the parts can be produced in Cast Iron, Stainless Steel 304 or Stainless Steel 316.
  9. We can also reconfigure the equipment to be placed on a fixed base or redefine its working characteristics, such as a booster to serve the vinasse dispersal pipeline to the distribution ponds.

150 HP 16″ RIM EQ 90-48 01971970
175 HP 16″ RIM EQ 90-48 01971970
200 HP 16″ RIM EQ 90-48 01971970
250 HP 16″ RIM EQPI 125-55 01971970
300 HP 16″ RIM EQPI 125-55 01971970
300 HP 16″ RIM EQ 200-50 01971970

The models shown above are the most commonly used. We also have a technical team to develop and configure the equipment according to your project’s needs.

Our products are duly registered and eligible for the credit facilitation programs available on the market and also subsidized by the government.

 Germek also allows our customers to finance their entire irrigation system, including the motor pump, piping, hydraulic connections and sprinkler agents, such as the reel (self-propelled).