Equipamentos de Combate a Incêndio

Firefighting Equipment

Germek has been innovating the motor pump market for 38 years. In the beginning we were a reseller of irrigation equipment and today we operate in the following sectors: Agricultural, Power Generation and Fire Fighting, making us stand out with differentiated equipment and we are the market leader in the manufacture of Motor Pump Sets for Fire Fighting.

Our products are distinguished by their compliance with National NBR and International NFPA and FM Standards, always using high technology developed by our engineering team.

Germek motor pumps can be produced in different formats and can also be fitted with numerous accessories, making our solutions customized to meet the specific demands of each project and providing our customers with a complete solution.

We have a portfolio of equipment that ranges from the most basic products such as electric and diesel motor pumps, mounted on simple bases, to more complex equipment such as pump house skids or containers, which include pipes, valves, panels and all the components required by law.

We also have dedicated products such as the Droppump, which allows versatility in water collection in ports and offshore platforms, and the Fire Boat, which allows access by water in places that are difficult to reach by land.

When it comes to firefighting equipment, Germek always brings innovation and quality to the table, always thinking of meeting its customers’ needs.

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